Cleaning up a paint spill!

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paintWe’ve all been there – whether it’s decorating or craft activities with the kids, a paint spillage can be tricky to clean up. Here are Cleanway Edinburgh’s tips on dealing with the spillage and saving any tears!

For Clothing: Most children’s painting products are made for easy stain removal using a laundry pre-treatment and regular laundering.

For regular paint:
• Drench the stain immediately using a can of hairspray to loosen the stain.
• Let stand a few minutes.
• Using a small amount of laundry detergent or spot treatment, gently scrub stain with a toothbrush.
• Rinse thoroughly and launder immediately.

Alternate options:
Use a commercial paint remover like OOPs and follow directions carefully.

For Carpet:
• Wet the stain with cool water and soak it up with towels.
• Continue to douse until the stain is mostly gone.
• Use a commercial carpet cleaner to remove remnants – following the product’s instructions.
• If the paint is dried already, try and remove as much as possible with water and an old toothbrush.
• Commercial cleanser, like Goof Off, can also work well, but make sure you read the instructions to determine if it will work on your carpet type.

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