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One off the regular questions we get is regarding how to set up regular Stair Cleaning.

So we thought we would write this quick blog to give you some simple steps on how to go about setting this up and some useful pointers.

  1. We provide FREE QUOTATIONS so the first step is to get in touch and we will come out and see you and give you a free written Quote and a copy off some off the excellent references we have from our current clients.
  2. The next step is to speak to your neighbors and see  what system you want to set up, some collect the money from the rest of the flats or we can help organise a rota where each flat pays when its there turn, we can print a stair rota and put it up on the stair door so each flat is aware when its there turn to pay.
  3. If you have decided that someone in the stair is going to collect the money then you have decide how frequently you do this, some collect it monthly, 3, 6 monthly, or even once a year.
  4. The next step is working out how you pay us, most clients now set up a regular standing order as this is the most convenient way.
  5. Agreeing how often we clean the stair, the most common is either weekly or every 2 weeks, but we can also do 4 weekly cleans.
  6. The standard stair cleaning maintenance is sweeping, wet-mopping the entire stair and polishing the banister.  But we can also add extras like windows, wall cleaning, ledges, brass, cleaning doors, etc.
  7. We bring everything with us including water so you dont have to be in on the day we come and when we agree a certain day we guarantee to always do the it on this day every 1, 2, or 4 weeks.
  8. Arrangeing access can sometimes be difficult but usually we get in through the service buzzers but if there is a problem most clients give us a spare key.
  9. The last step is getting back in touch and let us take the hassle out off keeping your common stairs looking great and clean.  We will agree a set time to start cleaning your stair, sometimes the first clean can take a bit longer but once we start coming regularly you will see a massive improvement and most importantly as the common stair is the first part that anyone sees who visits your flat keeping it clean is very important and a well maintained stair can add value to your property.

Please feel free to get in touch by email or call for more information and as you can see from only some off the excellent testimonials we have on the website that our customers are very happy with the work we do.


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